Frequently Asked Questions


What is Decorator?

Decorator is a platform to crowdsource interior design. You can ask for advice on your home or give advice for someone else's home. Or both! Our mission is to make interior design accessible to everyone. That means getting free, personalized advice, and also means having the creative freedom to unlock your inner designer.


I want advice on my home. How does it work?

Tap the "Add Space" button in the bottom of the app. There will be six easy steps to guide you through uploading photos and sharing your wishlist for the room. For example, you can choose your favorite styles, share the color palette you had in mind, and set a budget.


What type of images should I post?

Rooms with better images get over twice as many designs. Plain and simple, we recommend posting the most professional-looking photos as possible. Your iPhone camera will work fine though. Here are our fail-safe photography tips:

  • Use as much light as possible: Take photos during the day with the shades open and the lights on.
  • Show the entire room: Stand as far into the corner as you can. For a smaller room, a panorama might do the trick.
  • A few minutes of tidying up will go a long way.
  • Make sure your photo isn't blurry or tilted.


How much does it cost?

It's completely free! You can get advice on as many rooms as you want. Note we do not collect any credit card information, even when you purchase furniture through retailers' websites.


Who designs the rooms?

You! Decorator is open to anyone. You don't have to be a professional designer, an aspiring designer, or any sort of designer at all. You don't even have to watch HGTV and design in your head from the couch. We don't have a staff of designers either. It's all up to you! We believe everyone can be creative. We've provided the tools for you to design, now we're asking you to bring your A game.

How do I design a room?

You can tap on any room photo in the app to design it. Our simple design suite includes furniture, decor, paint, and comments. You can drag and drop thousands of products, paint anything (walls, cabinets, tables…you name it!) and comment on details about the room.


Where does all the furniture come from?

We source our catalog from several retailers, currently including Wayfair, One Kings Lane, and Apt2B. Each product in the app has a link to buy the item directly from the retailer. We only add products to our catalog that are available for sale at the time. A handful of products may become unavailable after time, depending on demand or product line discontinuation, but we'll keep them in the app for you to use as inspiration.


Can I post my room and also design other rooms?

Yes! Your account will let you both design rooms and post rooms. No need to choose one or the other.


How do I get started?

Feel free to poke around on our website, then you'll need our iOS app to unlock the full functionality.



Pro tips:

  • When you're designing a room with furniture, you can move an object behind all other objects by holding down on it. This is especially useful when you add a new rug after designing the whole room. Hold down on the rug and it will move beneath everything else in the room.
  • We read every email. Send us all your genius app suggestions at